Gail Boyland

Gail Boyland lived in Newburgh, New York, with her husband and four children. She was the “go-to mom” with a quirky sense of humor, to the delight of the neighborhood children. They never knew what silly attire she might be wearing when they came to visit. She was also known to care for injured birds that found their way to her home.

Around 1963, she wrote DANNY PEANUTS for her young son, Skip, who was very small for his age and eager to grow up.bee

Gail Boyland


About Skip (Danny Peanuts)

Skip (Danny) grew up to love horses and nature. He now owns a business as a horseshoer. When he is not taking care of horse’s hooves, Skip is often on an outdoor adventure that involves hiking, backpacking, cycling, and camping.

Skip published this book to honor his mom, the author and illustrator of DANNY PEANUTS.

She didn’t get to see her story published, but he knows she would be very pleased. flower_sm

About the Artwork

DANNY PEANUTS was written and illustrated on a legal-size notepad by Gail Boyland. The pictures were drawn by hand with black ink. The image on the right is a copy of the original cover.

After more than 50 years in storage, each of the illustrations in this book had to be cleaned up. Color was added based on a smaller color version Gail Boyland had created. Care was used to maintain the author’s original style.